Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3rd Edition of the Bugs Munny Blog Carnival

Here is the 3rd edition of the Bugs Munny Blog Carnival. Enjoy the posts!

Blogging for Money

Heather Johnson presents 50 Best Firefox Add-ons to Make Holiday Shopping Easy (And Save a Ton of Money) posted at The Daily Netizen.

Julie presents Credit card issuers cut TV advertising posted at

Kano presents Making Money Online - Blogging posted at Online Money Making Guide, saying, "A blog is a good way to start out in your online money making career. This post why blogging and Blogspot in particular can be a great first step when starting out with your online endeavors to earn extra cash."

Investing Angel presents Why Most Investors Buy High And Sell Low » Free Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Some ways to avoid the mistakes of buying high and selling low."

Patrick @ Money Saving Deals presents GoDaddy Coupon Codes posted at Cash Money Life Deals, saying, "Big savings on Domains and Hosting at GoDaddy!"


imarketing4s presents 4 Useful Tips to Get Out of Bad Debt posted at Free Debt Consolidation: Qualified Financial Management.

Ken Schulte presents How To Generate Your Own Alternative Energy At Home | Alternative Energy Secrets posted at Alternative Energy Secrets, saying, "Alternative Energy Secrets is all about exploring avenues of living greener and helping out the planet. Saving money is also a great topic of discussion as well."

Kelly Tolman presents How is a Credit Card Different From Other Cards? | Credit Help 2 You posted at Credit Help 2 You.

Sandy Naidu presents Credit Card Debt - Debt Consolidation | FutureNestEgg posted at Future Nest Egg.

Mike Leonard presents Is Inflation a debtors’ best friend? posted at Until Debt Do Us Part.

Alan Skorkin presents How To Save Money As A Student posted at Software, Technology and More.

sherin presents How do you prepare for losing your job posted at Investment Internals, saying, "A strategy to build a financial shield to overcome all the financial problems that can affect your smooth life. It is a must article for those who fear about losing of job"

Michael Bass presents How to get a cell phone with no i.d., no passport, and no credit card posted at Debt Prison, saying, "I thought it would be a great idea to write an article about getting a cell phone if you don’t have a credit card, a passport, or even an i.d… These phones are called ‘pay as you go’ and work quite well."

B.M. Garrett presents How to beat the credit crunch posted at Blogciety, saying, "All we read about lately is the credit crunch and the major impact it is having on the everyday lives of people in several countries. Indeed, the time has come for many of us to reevaluate how we live. While this task will generally be approached with some reluctance, it can also be viewed as an excuse to revert to a simpler and more rewarding way of life. The benefits are not only financial, but physical and psychological too. Here are some tips"

Vicky presents Are Wedding Videos Worth It? posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, "An analysis of whether wedding videos are worth the cost."

Gregory E. Rouse presents How to Live Under Your Means posted at Frugal-Living-Skills Blog, saying, "One of the first principles of self-reliance and frugal living is the counsel to live under our means and if followed can be a foundation on which to build the other principles. The problem is that most people are not sure how to actually do it, they need a specific plan. To achieve this goal a family or individual can use the 70/30 Rule as their plan."

Growing Wealth

Scott Host presents How to find a web hosting company posted at, saying, "This site ranks webhosts based on reputation, longevity of the business, cost, customer service, storage space, bandwidth, setup costs and features. You can sort your search by budget hosting, windows, or linux hosting, ecommerce hosting, reseller hosting and if they also offer domain registration."

Investing Angel presents Is Trading For You? » Free Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Find out if the life of a stock trader is for you."

Raymond presents The Top 5 Online Banks For High Interest Savings and Checking posted at Money Blue Book.

Sandy Naidu presents Warren Buffet?s Advice posted at Future Nest Egg.

Wenchypoo presents Frugality as a Recession Fighter and Depression Killer (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket, saying, "An article that tells WHY to save--so we can grow rich despite the economy."

Call Center Consultant presents Agent Occupancy / Agent utilization | Call Center Consultants, Software, Outsourcing, Jobs, and Solutions posted at Call Center Jobs, saying, "A study of agent occupancy vs agent utlization in call centers."

FinancialHealthGuy presents Take Responsibility For Your Financial Health posted at Financial Health Guy.

Gregory E. Rouse presents Hobby Money posted at Best-Home-Business-Opportunity Blog, saying, "I remember the first time it dawned on me that I could be making money playing in the outdoors and doing what I love."

Mike Pastore presents Can Money Buy Happiness? posted at Mikes


Heather Johnson presents What Would a Return to the Gold Standard Mean for You? posted at Currency presents Coupons and Price Compare ?Price Compare posted at Coupons and Price Compare, saying, "Coupons Discounts, Price Drops and Price Comparison Tools on everything you buy. Save on every purchase every day. Our unique price comparison tool updates prices on millions of items from hundreds of sites daily. Compare from every top merchant on the internet, find free shipping and save on taxes at"

KCLau presents How Fundsupermart will Revolutionize the Unit Trust Industry in Malaysia posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "About iFast Capital, the future of unit trust investing in Malaysia. As well as how the company would revolutionize the unit trust industry."

Raymond presents Where Is The Safest Place To Save Or Invest Your Money? posted at Money Blue Book.

Praveen presents Taking out the DOG... posted at My Simple Trading System.

Carnival of Financial Goals presents Pros and Cons of Dollar Cost Averaging posted at Cash Money Life, saying, "DCA may be a good move in the current economy."

Aussie Investor presents Stock Market Education For Beginners - Learning From Your Mistakes posted at Stock Market Investing For Beginners, saying, "We all make mistakes with our investments. This article describes how you can learn valuable lessons about investing by going back and analyzing your stock market losses."

Denis Dobrochasov presents Taken for a Ride posted at Chasov Blog - Your World Insight, saying, "Chasov Blog publishes professional and quality content discussing a wide variety of subjects and providing contrasting points of view on different subject matters. Some topics of interest include business creation, network marketing, life events, relationships, money, banking, news, television, movies, travel, education, biking, gardening, fitness and a variety of others."

Investing Angel presents Investments To Avoid posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Some investments to avoid - especially in the coming recession!"

The Fund investor presents The Hidden Advantage Of Mutual Fund Investing posted at Mutual Fund Investing Tips, saying, "Mutual fund investing is a good way to prevent making investing mistakes."

Jayson Gibson presents Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008 ?What's At Stake? posted at New Homes Section Blog, saying, "Information about the Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008. Details about problems in our current economy and how each problem relates to the Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008."

Market Breaker presents It?s Been A Brutal Year posted at Stock Investing Tips, saying, "This year has been the worst year for the stock market since the Great Depression."

Investing Angel presents Learning Financial Planning through Asset Allocation » Free Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Some ways to learn about financial planning."

The Fund investor presents Bear Market Mutual Funds posted at Mutual Fund Investing Tips, saying, "The one type of mutual fund investor that has made money in 2008 are those that have been investing in inverse mutual funds"

Lawrence T. presents Margin Loan | Types Of Loan - Types Of Loans posted at Types of Loans, saying, "A margin loan may be a good way of paying off credit card or as a source for other financing needs. Margin loans need to be used carefully though, since you want to avoid a margin call."

Laws of Money

Ace Elliott presents Learning About Debt Relief Programs posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Do you know the myths of debt relief? There is a lot of misinformation out there and you deserve to know that facts to manage your debt better. Educate yourself and reduce your debt quicker."

Carole Gold presents Chaos: What You Can Do posted at McKay Today, saying, "How you see it... is how it is! See abundance."

Ben Dinsmore presents ***FINANCIAL CRISIS*** A Personal Finance Blogger's Rant posted at Trees Full of Money, saying, "There were some people that argued that America couldn't sustain this standard of living, but eventually more and more people bought into the hype that you were "missing out" if you didn't purchase a McMansion or cash out your home equity and buy a new BMW."

Low Stakes Grinder presents Ways To Practice Poker posted at Low Stakes Poker Player, saying, "Here are some cheap ways to learn to play poker."

Terry presents How To Get A Loan With Bad Credit posted at Credt, saying, "Discusses how you can put yourself in a better position should you suffer from a poor credit rating ot history."

Patrick @ Military Money presents Watch Out For Stimulus Check and Government Grant Fraud! posted at Military Finance Network, saying, "Tips on how to guard your identity and avoid online rip off scams like the infamous government grant scheme."

Passive Income

Debt Wizard presents Credit Cards- What To Look For posted at Money Help, saying, "The right credit card for you depends on your spending habits and if you are able to fully pay off your credit card each month."

BankMan presents Get a Free Garmin GPS at Key Bank posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, "Get a free Garmin GPS system for opening a free checking account at Key National Bank. This offer excpires soon!"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of bugs munny carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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