Sunday, September 28, 2008

Make Money During a Slow Economy

The economy is tough and the media isn't making anyone feel better about the future. Money is still out there and here are some proven ways to make it.

Sell stuff you don't need-I had a friend who recently had a garage sale at her home. She made about $300 in one afternoon. When I asked her what she sold she said, "nothing of real significance." You'd be amazed how much people will pay for your stuff. Tip: Jewelry and tools are hot items.

Referee at a local league-Local city leagues and schools hire people to referee their sporting events. If you know enough about the rules in sports like baseball, basketball, football, and hockey you can apply to become a ref.

Teach what you know-If you have knowledge of a subject you may want to consider teaching that subject part-time. There are many different ways you can do this. You can offer a one day class on the subject and charge a small fee. or maybe you can teach at adult education schools.

Pizza delivery in a good neighborhood- If you have a reliable car, this is another good way to make extra cash. Pick your pizza store location carefully. You want to be in a good area so that the customers tip well.

Start a small business-If you have a talent or service you are able to provide, you can become your own boss. Well, your own part-time boss anyway. Starting a small business is getting easier these days. If you know how to do anything well, most likely someone is will to pay you to do it.

Write for money- If you have some talent, you may consider writing for money. There are three sites that I write for that will pay for good articles.

Helium-This site gives you topics that you can give your opinion on. Your article gets rated by helium visitors and ranked based on votes. Helium shares a portion of the ad dollars that they make with you. The more your articles get viewed the more money you make so you have to write often in order for the money to really add up.

Associated Content-This site gives you the option to sell your articles to them and they would offer you a price for them. Or, you could also post articles and get paid per page impressions. Either way if you're a decent writer you will earn some income.

Constant Content- This site is not for your ordinary everyday blogger. This site gives you the option of submitting an article to them that is posted and available to be sold to anyone who would like to post the article on their website. Be careful, if they reject three of your articles because they weren't good enough, they will cancel your membership. So take a look at the type of articles they accept beforehand.

Valet park at nice hotels-It seems the extremely rich have not yet felt the sting of a slow economy. They are still traveling and they are still tipping their valets well. My brother-in-law recently started doing this for some extra cash. There two big advantages of this job.1. You go home with cash in your pocket every night.2.You get to test drive a Ferrari, Lotus, and a dozen different Benzes all night.

Multi Level Marketing- Sometimes called a pyramid scheme, most people shy away MLM. Most times it is a good idea but there are some programs that can earn you a some passive income. Think objectively before making any decision. Most MLM programs don't work but I know some people who are making about $1,000 a month. You can be successful at this but it does take some work.

Other ways to make money
-Ask for a raise
-organize events
-take surveys online
build a blog or website


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